Some ( technical ?! )  problems in ?

Some ( technical ?! ) problems in ?

Nov 23, 2017, 1:41 AM |

Friends, these last days I,m just going crazy! I play blitz in live, but some stranges problems just make me really crazy, and cos of this I,m losing some games sad.png

1. sometimes some moves ( mine or to my opponent ) are without sound!

2. When I win or lose, in the moment when I resign (  or my opponent  do It ), the PC just show me a white color of my monitor, and I,m out from the Live, and must join in Live again

3. When I move a piece, It just dissapeared from the table, and after the move of my opponent the piece appears on the table. This, especially in blitz, is just horrible!


Pls, if somebody knows how could help me, let,s share.


The problem is not in my PC, which is just TOP



Something Important - for all who have the problem with the connection during the games! - now appears the NEW option in the options ( talking about the option in Live ). - Connection Settings

I have super speed internet, but during some games my Connection was POOR.

It was strange. So, I oppened these Internet settings and saw, that the 1st option was marked - Automatic ( let us choose for you )

So, I marked the second option - Live ( default internet ), and by this moment - NO PROBLEM