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USF Board 8 Upset for team Dan Heisman Learning Center

USF Board 8 Upset for team Dan Heisman Learning Center

Nov 22, 2012, 11:24 PM 1

The DHLC has much lower rated players than The Power of Chess Team, which is how I got to be board 8 in the team match. Here's the pairings and results: http://www.chess.com/groups/team_match?id=196516 .  If you have a chance, check out the games and encourage our players.

I am rather proud of my result. I had already lost the first match to smitty67.  I didn't play particularly well, and lost with the black pieces in short order to a good player who exploited each inaccuracy in my favorite opening, the Scandinavian. So I was really hoping to pull out a win. I led off with my trusty 1.e4, hoping for my favored Scotch but got the Caro-Kann instead which I've never faced as white, but as Black I have transposed into it on a few rare occassions from the Scandinavian.

The game is heavily annotated, both with computer engine analysis I conducted afterwards and my thoughts within the game. The variations have notes, too. 

The best note was my comment about the 32...Rc5 variation: "Black's rook gains a spectacular view of the mating sequence, somewhat like being actually on stage at the ballet; or he can sacrifice himself to extend his king's life a move or two." 

The interesting position is near the end (move 32), where I tanked for over two hours and am proud to say I matched the engine. I had noted the best lines at each stage and predicted which ones the engine would recommend. The only sad thing was that my opponent faltered and allowed an easy mate rather than taking one of the lines that survived the attack.

I ran it through Fritz afterwards, and it's my first match without a blunder!! Fritz tallied up 4 mistakes and 7 inaccuracies of mine, so more than 2/3's of my moves were spot on. My two worst mistakes were twice missing the chance to move the Queen to its proper square of f2 (moves 12 and 14). So I have some ideas to work on.

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