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Interesting position for analyzing

Interesting position for analyzing

Sep 26, 2017, 2:46 AM 1
Hello to everyone, 
This is my first post here and i hope we can discuss a position I reached recently in one of my games :

 Now this position i reached with Black from Caro - Kann Defense : Two Knights Attack, but that is not that important. I went on to win this game, however after I annotated my game and ran some engines to check my analysis i found something quite interesting - this position according to Fritz 11 and chess.com's live engine is slightly better for White ! This is interesting, because in chess database i found 14 games from this position where White lost a staggering 12 of them and won only in 2. Those games included WGM, FM as well some lower rated players. 

Now my question to You is what do you think about the position ? Do you want to have Black or White pieces here and why ? 

While i was playing that game my thoughts were that this position is probably close to equal. You see White has lost the right to castle but that is not a problem since the Queens are off the board and in fact White could position his King in such way that he could be activated really quickly in the endgame. Another thing White has is the 2 Bishops which have some opened diagonals to operate on and a slight advantage in development and space due to the e4 - pawn. One might think that White has almost a won game, however Black does not have any real weaknesses at the moment and for example after Nd7, e6 he can castle long and have a stable game.  
Your opinion  ? 
Thank You all for reading this and I wish You all the best ! 

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