May 20, 2013, 2:59 PM |

Hey guys! Here is a chessboard lesson. It helps to develop your sight.  So let's start!

The main terms you should know are:

A File - the vertical line on the board which marked by letters abcdefgh. Files can be used by Rook or Queen.

A Row - the horizontal line on the board which marked by numbers 12345678. Rows can be used by Rook and Queen.

Diagonals - the 1-colored line white or black. Main diagonals are a1-h8 black colored and a8-h1 white colored. Diagonals can be used by Bishops and Queen



Further more you should know board vertical and horizontal split.

White's area is 1-4 rows and Black's area is 5-8 rows.

King's side is from 'e' to 'h' files and Queen's side is from 'd' to 'a' files.

Center of the board are d4d5e4e5 squares.


Now you can use this knowledge solving these problems I created for you. Peace and have fun!