Endgame - Pawn Endings - Key Fields for the Kings

Endgame - Pawn Endings - Key Fields for the Kings

May 22, 2013, 12:38 PM |

Holla guys! I am here to teach you about key fields today. These fields are important. If you want to get better in endgames you definetely want to learn this fields. You will know then what to do and what you do not want to do. Let's start!

Pawns from 'b' to 'g' file have a 'T' shape fields. You start draw a 'T' letter from a pawn. If you see 'T' then you can see the key fields. They are a horizontal line in 'T' shape. The key fields of these pawns are dynamic and they move with the pawn. You can see them below.

We have more pawns on 'a' and 'h' files. These pawns have static key fields. These fields are all the time the same. They won't change. For 'h' file  these fields are for White pawn g7, g8; for Black pawn - g2, g1. The same situation is for 'a' file.
Next thing you should know is the doubling key fields. So here the rule:
If you cross the center line of the board and stands to an enemy's area with your pawn's its key fields will double.

Ok, ok. What am I talking about? these key fields. What are they for? It's simple - they are for your King. You want to be the first to put your King on a key field. Your King is controlling the key fields - you win! Enemy's King controlling the key fields - enemy win! 
Oh, and the last tip for you. Remember, if your King is ahead his pawn in enemy area, you definetely win no matter who moves first!
That's all! Now practice! get better! camon