Endgame - The Pawn Square Rule

Endgame - The Pawn Square Rule

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Here the basic rule that help you to get better in pawn endings. It called 'The Square Rule' and sounds like this: 'Every pawn has its square when it going to be promoted. If a King is inside this area he will catch this pawn. If a King is outside this area he will not catch this pawn. Simple! I show you how it works. Here is the position.

You see here that Black King is inside the square. White pawn moves forward to a4 and you see 'The Square' is shrinked and black King can't catch a pawn because he is outside the square right now.
Let's see what happens if a3 is played. You see it? Black King jumps into a square area and he will catch a pawn before the last will promote.
  • If a King is inside the square area - he catches pawn;
  • If a King is outside the square area - he can't catch a pawn;
You can now predict the battle result knowing this Rule. Now tell me where Whites promote a pawn and where Blacks bust it.
1. +-, =
2.  +-, =
3.  +-, =
4.  +-, =
+- means that Whites have material advantage
= means a draw or equal position
Good luck! Practice!