Instructional Internet Chess Ressources

Apr 27, 2014, 1:27 PM |

this blog entry mainly serves as a nice overview for instructional chess videos and articles you can find on the net.

Kingscrusher - Youtube Channel: by CM Tryfon Gavriel, probably the biggest chess youtube channel; thousands of videos, playlists for specific players and much, much more - Youtube Channel: by NM Dereque Kelley, as the name suggests, focuses on different chess openings. very much recommended for beginners, a good headstart if you want to dive into a new opening

Chess Club and Scholastic Center St. Louis Videos: GM lectures on a wide range of topics.

MatoJelics Chess Videos: very calming voice and great presentation. Youtube Videos: Twitch Videos (the TV archive) Youtube Videos: instructional videos by non-titled and titled-players.

OnlineChessLessons.Net Youtube Videos: video previews and full instructional videos by titled-players.

aww-rats free video lesson program: the videos have no titles but you can find the topics at