Importance of nutrition

Mar 17, 2015, 2:27 PM |

Chess is very much a game that requires good nutrition and care for the body and brain. Being unable to focus because of low B12 levels is no good. Low iron making you tired, no good. No fish oil to promote brain growth and maintenence, no good.

A good diet is needed to keep up with the normal things in life and to manage stresses. Looking at other athletes we can see that they pump up their diet with specific things like increased protein. The same can be said for chess. We, as chess players, need to improve our diets and nutritional intake if we want to keep tempo with good improvement. 

Allowing B12 levels to drop, as a chess player, is unacceptable. If I aim to get further and higher, I need to make sure my daily diet and nutritional intake can keep up with my study. It doesn't help me anything if I'm contsantly tired (low iron) and can't focus (low B12). As much can also be said for sleep. When we sleep, we repair our bodies and our brains. Depriving that only lends to deterioration. 

So, an added focus for me will be to establish a good daily routine of study, nutrition, and adequate sleep. Gotta keep that mind sharp!