Lessons, lessons!

Mar 12, 2015, 8:22 PM |

It's in reviewing the games I lose that I learn the most about my play. When I first started reviewing my games, I had no idea how to go about that. Slowly, I learned. It's going through it several times. What were the critical moments? Where did the game shift between the stages? What could I have played? Where exactly did I go wrong. And not just that, but examining why my move(s) were wrong and why a certain other move would have been better/the best.

I had a game today (Vs. beezertwelve12). His opening move completely threw me off (2. Qh5). The move itself ditracted me. I dropped my guard, the words "don't bring your queen out early" playing in my head. Well. It sure did my opponent well. I went on the defensive right away and pretty much stayed there the whole game. I realize now that I should have looked into taking back the initative as soon as possible. A big mistake I made was not taking his rook on 28., instead playing back for his pawns. No good. 

I still have the majority of my review on that game to do. But it's late, so I'll continue tomorrow. :3