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First list of annotated games.

First list of annotated games.

Feb 20, 2016, 7:49 PM 2

These are 5 of my games annotated. This is my first time annotating games so they are a bit rough but I really need to get away from just using computers in my analysis so this should be good for me.

This first game is one of my correspondence games. It does a good job of highlighting of highlighting a big tactical oversight on my part. Unfortunately my opponent fails to punish me multiple times and so I get away with it. 


Next up we have another correspondence game. This game does a good job of highlighting that sometimes I play hope chess (a terrible terrible thing to do). Of course my opponent lets me off the hook with the win, but I'm not happy about it. I end up with an awkward position at times and so I'm not too happy with how I performed in this game.

The next game is a rapid game. My post analysis computer analysis shows that I only had played 1 inaccuracy! I'm quite happy about that. I would be most pleased with straight excellents but a win is a win. I definitely could have played tighter in this game though and gave my opponent opportunities to re-enter the game.
Next we have another rapid game. This game I was quite upset that I threw away my advantage on move 11 according to the computer when I played 11. d5. My opponent didn't capitalize though and I'm able to maintain my advantage for the rest of the game. Still, I would've liked to play a lot better than this.

The last game is my highest rated victory in rapid games to date. Unfortunately I win this game off the back of my opponent's mistakes again rather than my own moves. I would really like to start adopting more solid plans. This was a classic case of hope chess that just ended up in my favor. My "trap" is easily refuted by 13...Bg7

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