TFATP 2 ch. 1

Nov 4, 2008, 6:16 PM |

Flight and Pursuit From Zark

"Get back here murderer!" the chief guard shouted at Vars.

"Why? So you can kill me? And i'm not a murderer!" he shouted back. I’m only twenty yards from the country’s border, thought Vars, and then they can’t chase me anymore. He tightened his white bandana around his head like a band, re-secured his thin black belt, and checked his Knife, his only valuable possession in the world. It was a zig-zagy blade with its own sheath along his belt, and it had delicate carvings along the hilt, and one dangerously beautiful, blood-red ruby at the end of its handle.

"Take him down!" the chief guard shouted. The rest of the guards pulled out javelins and lobbed them at him.

"AAAAAAGGGGHHHHHH!!!!" he fell to the ground and rolled forward, shrieking in pain all the way. I’m only five feet from the border! NO! He started to crawl towards the border.

"Company, halt!!" the first guard yelled. "If we cross that line without a warrant checked by U.C. we’ll be killed."

"Refugee from Zark, come," a reserved, stern voice behind Vars commanded. The man helped Vars to his foot and helped him limp to an encampment of huts.The man was dressed in all black and his face was completely covered except his eyes. He wore a black belt that held a small satchel and a knife in its sheath. He had a blade coming out of the top of his head-covering that curved back behind his head like a ponytail.

"Who are you?"

".....I am an assassin from Calma."

"Right, nation of assassins. Why are you here, why not there?"

"Exiled. I don’t need to ask about you, those guards are loud, but what really happened?"