The Flight and the Pursuit 2 ch. 6

Nov 18, 2008, 7:12 PM |

La Cattivo Pugnale

Wothin watched as they disappeared into the shadows and ran off. He quickly put his brass knuckles in his pocket and pulled the green shawl over his white t-shirt. He picked up the lance and walked into the port town. A royal-imperial lance, Wothin remembered, he had used in their last invasion of Zezon and had slaughtered five guards handily with it. It was beautifully made but extremely dangerous.

"Halt. State your business," a guard in front of the gate of the city demanded.

"I’m here to board."

"Proceed guard." He acted as if he were above the guard in rank, but he wasn’t the captain of the guard or the chief guard. Wothin followed a guard walking a little in front of him. They walked all the way to the largest dock, the one that held the mighty vessel La Cattivo Pugnale. Guards were everywhere, on the ground, on the deck, on the dock, in the ship, and even in the water.

The ship was the strongest, fastest, and most well equipped ship in the world. It was the only armored ship in existence, and could hold five thousand people in its five decks.

"Guard, present your pass," a guard in front of the dock commanded. Wothin fished in his pockets, his shirt, his shoes, and finally the shawl. There it was, in the pocket of the shawl. A slip of brown parchment that read:

to board

La Cattivo Pugnale. Room three hundred, deck 3, hall 4.

"Proceed." Wothin walked onto the dock and up the long, slanted metal walkway to the main deck. As soon as Wothin reached the main deck he spotted the one human being that he despised most of all, the captain of the guard. He had captured the twins and Wothin on their last raid on Zezon and tortured them for two hours. Wothin still had scars from the hot irons that they used on him.

"Young guard, where are you going?" he asked Wothin. Wothin gritted his teeth to keep from shouting every foul word he knew at him and told him. "That way," he said pointing at a door marked decks 3-4 on its top. He hurried to the doorway and rushed down the first ladder that he saw (there were two ladders, one for coming up and one for going down). He started to climb down a ladder that was encased in a tube.

"Whew, that was close. I almost blew it." He reached the third deck and went around looking for hall 4. His room was the last at the end of the hall. "Finally, it took me forever to find this.....tiny hole in the wall!" The room was tiny, it was only eight foot by five and had two straw mats stuck into the wall. Wothin walked in and threw his lance into the top bunk.

"Ow. What in the world?" another guard rose out of the bunk rubbing his head. "Did you do this?"

"Oops, sorry, I didn’t know anyone was there," wothin said faking sympathy.

"Who’re you?"

"Me? Uh...Kert. You?"

"I’m Sonja."

"That name sounds familiar."

"You’ve probably heard of my brother, Monja."

"Monja, y-yeah that’s it," Wothin stuttered. This is bad, thought Wothin, Vars killed Monja!

"Where’re you from?" Sonja asked while handing down the lance.


"Really? Isn’t that where that murderer Vars Cohort lived?" after saying Vars’ name he spit across the room, as if saying it left a nasty taste in his mouth.

"Yeah, it’s where he lives," Wothin was beginning to become annoyed at this Sonja. "Do you happen to know why we’re here?"


"Could you tell me?"

"I could, but I want the captain to tell you, c’mon," Wothin really got annoyed at the mention of the captain of the guard. They went up the up ladder and saw the captain, still directing people in an annoying voice that was almost shrill.

"Captain sir," Sonja announced their presence and saluted, Wothin saw this and poorly copied.

"What do you want, I’m busy."

"Captain sir, I ask that you explain the reason of this voyage to this new guard, since you would do the story more justice than I."

"Oh, gladly, yes gladly," he smiled and showed his nasty, crooked teeth. "You see we are on a trip to the U.C. to get a warrant to go to every country in the world and look for the escaped murderer Vars Cohort. We are then to deliver him, and his Knife, to Emperor Flarzon. Then with the Knife Emperor Flarzon shall have the power he needs to destroy the U.C., all other countries, and rule the world!" when he finished he started chuckling maniacally and Sonja started laughing as well. In fact everyone on the main deck had stopped to laugh in success towards their plan. Wothin uneasily produced some sound like a laugh to blend in.

As soon as he could, he made for the down ladder and plummeted down it. Then he heard the words that would seal his doom: "Preparing to shove-off! All hands on deck!"

He stopped climbing down and propped his back against the tube’s wall."Ah crap!" he dejectedly sighed.