the Flight&the Pursuit 2 ch. 3

Nov 16, 2008, 5:51 PM |

The Dealings of Flarzon

"Most honorable chief judge Coll, you know why I’m in your presence today, as yesterday, and the day before that…, that being, I wish that you would resolve the matters at hand, with the utmost post haste!" Flarzon’s voice echoed through the chambers in the court house. "The foremost being the escaped murderer Vars Cohort."

"Yes, I do indeed understand your pain and loss about your mother and our empress but until the chief guard returns I cannot issue a warrant without him being here. And as for our other matters, Cohort’s teammates and your coronation to become emperor of Zar--" just then the doors burst open and the chief guard came running in.

"I beg your pardon most honorable chief judge, but Cohort has escaped across the border to Neutral Territory! We couldn’t catch him sirs."

"What!! Why not!" Flarzon shouted at the chief guard, his long, limp red hair flying up at every word.

"We did, however, manage to get him in the foot with a javelin, sirs," he finished rather sheepishly.

"At least your aim is better than your speed," Flarzon remarked. Flarzon had beady little black eyes and had a slight build for an eighteen-year-old.

"Now calm down Flarzon, you must remember that he has been pierced in the foot by a javelin, he shan’t get very far now," the judge said, slightly annoyed. He was a tall man in the prime of his life, objective to a T, and strong. "Based on the evidence presented today and every other occasion since that atrocious day whence the empress was discovered, I hereby grant a warrant to cross the border to the chief guard to be presented and approved by the U.C. Should they approve it send a message back."

"Sir, I shall need a pass to cross the border, otherwise they’ll kill me."

"Right, of course. Here, take this warrant straight there, and," he opened a drawer and pulled out a small rectangular golden piece of paper from it and handed it to the chief guard, "here is your pass. Guard it with your life. Now as for the other matters at hand, Cohort’s-cohorts shall be left alone, BUT, they shall also be watched. If they try to leave their village or enter Vars’s home apprehend them. And as for your coronation, it shall be held five days from today."

"Thank you chief judge, thank you so very much." The chief judge got down from his stand and walked into the backroom then shut the door. No one was now present except Flarzon and the chief guard. Flarzon motioned with his finger for the guard to come closer.

"Emperor Flarzon, shall I proceed to do what the chief judge has commanded or simply go and grab Cohort now?" his sheepish and timid fa

çade had fallen away with the departure of the chief judge.

"Yes, continue to obey his commands, until we have Cohort, then you will stop listening to Coll. Remember the plan?" Flarzon asked rather assertively.

"Yes sir. I am to keep all people away from the treasury and to apprehend Cohort at once."


"And scatter Cohort’s cohorts as far from here as possible."

"Correct. Once we have Cohort, execute the rest of the plan, and success shall be mine!" an evil jeer lit like fire across Flarzon’s face.

"Sir? What about the coronation?"

"Just hold onto Cohort until after it, then bring him. Now go. Take La Cattivo Pugnale, it’ll get you to the U.C. the fastest."

"Yes sir!" he turned and marched out.

"Everything is falling into place! Soon Zark shall rule the world again!" Flarzon whispered dementedly. "No more U.C., no more judges, and most of all, no more freedoms! Aha ha ha ha ha!"