Guess it's time to learn

Jun 5, 2011, 11:33 AM |

So there I am, at the first IESA State Tournament with my twelve year old daughter. I look around the room, and I am amazed at the demeanor and poise of the contestants there. And the level of play! I have taught her all she knows, up to this point, except for what she has picked up at a smattering of newly formed school chess club meetings. So I am looking around, and I get a sudden overpowering feeling of inadequacy; I know I need to improve my game if am going to be of any benefit to her at all.

To summarize her performance, she placed 20th out of 45 seats (+/- as time has passed and memory fades) in the third board of five. In my estimation a very respectable showing for a girl who up to this point has had only a casual exposure to the game. 

Since then her aptitude for the game has increased exponetially: so much so, that I can boast of only a 35% win rate against her at present. So it's time to step up my game. I am here to learn from some of the best. If I have the priveledge to play you, and you beat me, some pointers would be greatly appreciated. I am simply happy for the opportunity to play against better players.

I am currently struggling to find an opening style that both I understand and that suits my style. As Dan Heisman so aptly phrases it, I have been playing "hope chess" up till now, and it would be wonderful to feel in control of a game from start to finish.

So that is my short story. I look forward to playing, learning, and most of all, having fun doing something I really enjoy.

See you on the boards...