My first win!

Jun 11, 2011, 10:31 AM |

First of all, I am not bragging. My opponent resigned after only a few moves. But it is a huge psychological boost. I feel like I am starting to find my way, and get an accurate read on my ability.

I have been edging closer to it for a couple of days. I increased the length of the games I offer to play, as the quicker blitz games demand too much tactics knowledge for my level. I had played a couple of 15+10 games and felt like I held my own - losing both in blundered end games.

I can see the improvement already from the tactics training I have been doing, but I really needed that ice-breaker. Now I feel like I can go forward and play without the background stress of having to win. May the wins and losses fall as they will now, as long as I am continuing to learn and grow. Smile