Need Help!

Nov 20, 2011, 5:30 PM |

Roy V. Lewis

Playing Computer Chess-Strengths and Weaknesses




     I tend to employ the Rue Lopez, Sicilian Defense, and Fischer’s Trap as openings in chess. My strength is that I am able to build up and control the center quickly, provide support for pieces, and get my King castled all by move 11 or 12. While playing computer chess on I win half of my games against the 1200 setting, and last (before losing) 27-28 moves against the 2000 and 1600 settings.


     In terms of weaknesses the problems for me are two-fold: First, many of my opponents bring out their Queen early in the middle game, causing me no end to difficulties during this phase of chess playing. I need a strategy to keep my opponent’s Queen home bound and vulnerable to my attack and defenses.


     Secondly, I need to study the rules around draws. I’ve been frustrated when I have two Queens and Rook on the board during the Endgame (with my opponent having only his King and two pawns left and chasing him around the board) only to have the game declared by the computer to be a draw. Perhaps my inability to secure an victory early in the Endgame (with too many moves) is why a draw is declared by the computer. Please advise.


     I recognize my need for more Endgame instruction. I don’t have a rating yet, but my best guess is that it is between 1050 and 1200. Can someone on please advise me as to how to elevate my game and improve at this point?



Thanks, Roy V. Lewis