Redeeming myself at the SCC Tornado

May 8, 2017, 11:02 AM |

At WA State, I was sick on the first day and scored 1/3. My performance on day 1 affected my performance on day 2 and I ended up losing over 100 points. However, I redeemed myself at the SCC Tornado

Anand Gupta 1120 vs. Me 0-1

Me vs. Ronald Kirsch 1719 1-0

Addison Lee 1973 vs. Me 0-1

Me vs. FM Ignacio Perez 2300 1/2-1/2


Here are my games

My next game is an instructive endgame of the power of the 2 bishops in an endgame.
My last game against against FM Ignacio Perez was the last game to finish in the tournament hall