So the first post has arrived...

Dec 9, 2007, 5:53 PM |

Well, this is the first post of the Chess blog.  I spent some time considering what content I would place within it.  I'm not much of an online blogger person, so I don't have much regarding this.  I created one blog once, and it is what I call "A Repository of Uselessness".  It's where I channel my excess humor.

So I wasn't sure whether or not to make this a clone of it.  I decided against it, and went with a random blog.  I'll come up with topics as I go along, so don't bother asking me what the topic of the next one will be. 

I'll go ahead and say this now.  I absolutely refuse to use the word "blogosphere".  That word was created by someone of sub-human intelligence. 


I don't know what else to put now.  So I'll conclude.  To those that read this, I thank you wholeheartedly.  To those who didn't, you really disappoint me.  But if you didn't read this, you wouldn't know that. Ugh.