Playing the Fried Liver as Black

Playing the Fried Liver as Black

Nov 25, 2013, 6:59 PM |

Hello everyone again. A question came up in my blog "Playing the Italian as White" about the Fried Liver, and I decided this whole thing was so complicated, I would write a blog about it.

Some things I want you to keep in mind when playing black...

1. Destroy white's attacks! Gain tempo!

2. Good forcing moves are the best moves!

Okay, now that you know that, you understand the moves in the Fried Liver:

So, the basic Fried Liver position is shown  below:








Now that you know the Fried Liver position, I am sure you can already see whites tempo-licious moves.

Don't even bother looking for whites best move, because white will always play Qf3. Forking the knight and checking the king. This obviously forces your best move to be Ke6.

Our current position:




I want you to think now, for white, and think, how can white attack me? Knowing the board means you know what you are doing.


You now likely know how white will put more pressure: Nc3

You now have 2 options now:

  1. Ne7
  2. Nb4

We need the tempo back, but that tempo should definitly be more than one move, right? It can easily be terminated with a defending move, then attack. What we need is safety support, not a half-hearted spike like Nb4 right?

Ne7. Getting the night out of the way for the I.N. (if necessary if you don't know what that means) c6. Extending the safety support to the fellow pawns.


White has way to many lines now.

I will give you an idea of what I would do if I was white right now.

I would want to pressure a new target, a fresh one. Like the e5 pawn. Dangerous, yes? I would play something along the lines of 0-0, Re1, then BOOM! d4!

Well, I hope you know what to do when you get into the Fried Liver as black (I personally think that you shouldn't).

Visconde out!

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