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Calculation is important even in endgames

Calculation is important even in endgames

Jun 28, 2015, 10:37 AM 9
Hello Chess friends,

                              This is my second blog here at chess.com and this time i wish to show you the importance of calculation and alertness  in endgames with some nice examples.Modern chess has become very concrete and the importance of calculation even in endgames cannot be overestimated.I believe a lot of your practical success depends on your calculating abilities.In both of these games you are about to see,the players were resourceful,showed precise calculation and made many only moves.


 A very interesting game indeed.The next position i wish to show you is from one of my own games.The game was played in the 5th round of the Llucmajor Open in Palma Mallorca,Spain.Both me and my opponent were on 4/4 and in the lead so it was important to save this position to keep myself in contention.
I hope you enjoyed both these positions.Next time someone says Endgames are all about manouevering and strategy,feel free to show them these Positions :)

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