OTB Tournament in Buchen (Germany) / Turnier in Buchen im Odenwald

Sep 16, 2013, 9:20 AM |

First of all the tournament was a great experience: I was able to spend 3 days with chess and met several very nice people. Great fun! I wasn't able to play the last round Sunday evening, due to a family celebration.

The time control was 2 h each for the first 40 moves and then half an hour each extra.

The numbers behind the moves are the time left.

The Ratings are not ELO, but DWZ (German ELO), the ELO Ratings of the players were higher. I have no ELO Rating.

Tournament Webpage:


Players: http://www.schach-info.de/buchen/teilnehmer.html

Result: http://www.schach-info.de/buchen/tabelle.html

Photos of the players and the venue (also one photo of me, thinking, for once):



The first one to guess which game is played in the photo gets a "brilliant opening knowledge" - remark from me. Wink


I will add more Infos to the Games in the next days, I have not yet analyzed (with a computer or else) all but the first one.


First Game:

Tough opponent, played very solid, missed one little (or big) tactic and lost. A beautiful tactic though, maybe something for the tactics trainer? (After Move ...29  a4) Where do I send the tactic for the tactic trainer?

it is in the Tactics Trainer:



Second Game:

Came back after losing a pawn in the opening and managed to draw against a strong player safely.

Third Game:

Played aggressive against his kingside, lost a pawn but managed to get a powerful attack against his king. In timetrouble misplayed it though, a lot of tactics!

Fourth Game:

I wanted to win that game! I played aggressive out of the opening as black and got my opponent in trouble, managed to overpower him finally.


It would be great to get some comments from you guys, no matter how good of a chess player you are. Smile