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Albin counter-gambit

Albin counter-gambit

Jan 7, 2015, 9:03 AM 2

Although this opening was originally played by Cavallotti against Salvioli at the Milan tournament of 1881, it takes its name from Adolf Albin, who played it against Lasker in New York 1893. Though not played frequently at the master level, Russian GM Alexander Morozevich recently made some successful use of it.

One of the lines is called Lasker trap. So lets see what to do to not fall into that one, or to use it if your oponent can fall into it :).

Now lets see how the main line goes.

As you can see the main line is full of quite agressive chess. The big point of playing Albin counter-gambit is to take white player off his book. So if white have prepared his quenns gambit line he will be taken off that line with this gambit and you can take the advantage.

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