How well you know opening names #6

Jan 31, 2015, 4:35 AM |

Lets see how well you know opening names ! This time It will be thought to solve because these 3 are really just stupid. Well you will find out how stupid they are soon. But I hope you will have a good fun when you will see the solution.

Please don't try this at home or in your local chessclub unless you are GM who is playing 1500 rated player.

1st (and the most crazy) Fried Fox opening !

I told you that its crazy ! But it have a name so you can solve it :D

2nd Drunken King opening

3rd Bongcloud opening !

I am definitely going to do some funny Bongcloud opening lines :D You can also check out this if you are interested into this nonesense :D Ultimate guide to Bongcloud opening.
Well I hope you had some great fun and I promise you next time it will be again serious quiz. :)
If you liked these please let me know in the comment section bellow. Thanks for reading and have a nice weekend.