How well you know opening names #8

Feb 21, 2015, 11:20 AM |

Hello and welcome to the 8th episode of how well you know opening names witch is as you may already know opening puzzle game. Last Saturday I was ill so I wasn't able to pull this out and thats why you will get 6 opening puzzles instead of normal 3. So please forgive me for that.

Great with that said we can move foward to the first opening puzzle.

1st Wien game

2nd Evans gambit
3rd Yugoslav attack
4th Ponziani opening
5th Lolli attack
6th Larsens opening
Well thats it for today and I hope you have good time solving these. If you have enjoyed this please leave me some feedback in the coment section below it really motivates me to do some more stuff.
Thanks for your time and have a nice week until next Saturday :)