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2150 players are not Titans!

2150 players are not Titans!

Mar 10, 2017, 12:12 PM 0

Hi guys,

I am studing chess these days, and I  improved a lot happy.png

I stucked on 1800-1900 for some time on chess.com, but the last days I am playing on 2100, and very happy with my new rating, maybe I am just running hot, maybe not,  the time will answer this question.

 I am 40 years old, I little old for improve my chess, but I love chess, then I will study and play, besides get stucked at some level, just because it is fun!

some time ago, when I was 1800 rated, and played a game against a 2100 player, I stayed nervous, afraid, my god, I am playing a titan!!!

 but 2100 players are not titans, I am just the same patzer with some improved tatics, better time management and more practice.

See two moments of this game a 2150 player did not see a simple fork, and at the end blunder on a simple pawn ending! See the whites moves 17(simple fork) and 49.Kc8 was a draw, but he played 49.Kg2???







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