The Lazy Chess Dad

Jun 29, 2007, 10:59 AM |

OK, So I don't really play chess - or rather I learned it as a kid and it was a social thing and never played it often or got any good.  Was intrigued with the idea of playing computers but always got beaten - badly - even in the good old days of Sargon II.

So one day my kid gets invited to play at a tournament between elementary schools and he wanted to but didn't know how.  Dad, can you help me learn to play chess?  What?  Why? So the story goes.  He didn't play in that tournament but I did teach him the basic moves in chess and got Chessmaster 9 (cheaper than 10) for the Windows 2000 box at home.  He finds it fun to beat Cassie and Rick but Josh is really tough in Chessmaster.

New school year starts and he starts attending the weekly "practices" which are social enough with your obligatory few that are really serious about it in the school chess club.  One or two of them are irritating good <grin>.

My son spends more time on Chessmaster and basically finishes most of the lessons and he starts to beat me more often (which doesn't take much but does show that he is improving).  After a while, I start looking in the library for books and brings them home for him to read.  He gets better and I start using more takebacks because I blunder so often.  I finally realize that he is REALLY into this chess thing.

 The only question is... how much trouble have I gotten myself into?