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Chess on the Beach US VI Day3 Rd 4

Chess on the Beach US VI Day3 Rd 4

Aug 18, 2012, 7:24 AM 0

Dawn on a slightly overcast morning and the accustomed idyllic view from my balcony, normally deserted, was inhabited by an elderly couple.

The man, leaning on a cane, appeared exhausted from the beach trek, his lady ...encouraging.  After a while it became apparent why.

The guy donned dive goggles and waded fully clothed about 100 yards to a spot in the surf. Then he dove in and disappeared for longer than you would think an elderly man capable. He came up with a wooden 'fish trap' in tow.

Sipping coffee from the balcony I could see maybe a dozen sizable fishes flapping in it and a few what appeared lobster or crabs as he laboriously hauled it to the shore.  With the help of his 'wife' and the sharpened 'cane' they skewered the fish one by one emptying the trap's contents into two separate satchels, one full of fish and another of lobster/crabs.

My opponent later that morning must have witnessed the scene as he tried to set a trap of his own...

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