Chess on the Beach US VI Day4 Rds 6&7

Chess on the Beach US VI Day4 Rds 6&7

Aug 21, 2012, 1:58 PM |

It had to happen. You could read the omens too if you had been attacked by one of the creatures pictured while on your dawn swim. Seems me and this native 'Cruzan' reef dweller have grown so attached to each other that I'll be taking a part of it home with me...or IN me to be precise.

Likewise, my 1st opponent that day languished near the bottom; of the standings not the seaSmile.

In 'Round-robin' everyone plays everyone else so I went into this game a perfect 5-0 over confident; over optimistic, over enthusiastic, and under focussed.

Seemingly too anxious to get back to my bed and continue to commune with new reef friend. Here's the game...

Round #7

"Things could always get WORSE". "When it rains it pours".
My afternoon game can best be sumised in cliches... "Misery loves company"
Afterall I could have stepped on one of these...Embarassed