"Royal Fork" Ends OTB Game

May 3, 2013, 11:40 AM |

The annual Thursday night OTB tournament in which I participate is on the way, it is a 7 round Swiss if you recall.

Several of my club-mates entered this year and one fellow in particular has been carrying away the under 1700 title I previously won when i was qualified (My rating is over that now).

As you can imagine amongst club-mates the bragging rights flow over many casual battles, often with mixed results. But we never (or seldom) meet in "official wars" with FIDE rating at stake.

Such was the case in the game that follows...

My opponent and I both were passing time at our club before going over to the tournament venue; but I noticed that he left early, (while I was still sparring), arrived at the venue ahead of time and started my clock punctually on the mark. So that by the time I got there 10 minutes of my time had elapsed...