Final Fate, for the faithful...

Jun 6, 2013, 11:18 PM |

It's worth mentioning once more that I post these OTB games in tribute to the many lessons taught by my persecutors on this site.

So in the ultimate round (7), of our Thursday "Knight's" 2013 Open Swiss, with several players FI DE rated>2000, 1/2 of them titled, no one wanted to slip up.

I was on a modest 3.5 points from 3 wins; 1 draw; 2 loses; along with a sizable group on 4 - 5 points. Five players finished tied 5.5 for 1st place.

I posted previously games Rd. 3(W) and Rd. 4(L) , in what I consider to be high quality games.

Here is the final...