I lost 2 games today, Oh Boy!

Jan 6, 2010, 8:45 PM |

But they were fun games.

At times, when I'm in a bit of a rutty mood I play blitz; lots of blitz. Yes, with just Chess.com rating points on the line who caresTongue out 

One eye on the tube, and one ear to the phone, and these blitz games can take the rest of your brain off... well things. You know... relationships, work, politics, the environment, the world outsideCool Have you tried it?

At this time, blitz is working on my post holiday slump; and I'm starting to feel better. Here are 2 of the games that helped. The first I lost on time while kicking myself for checking with the wrong piece. The second, well you'll see...

Just so you don't think I always loseInnocent...