I Spy With My Little Eye...

I Spy With My Little Eye...


Something intresting to all FSVL beginning with P.

Peeking at Playoff Participants & possible Protagonist??? Proponent Proficiency.

Yes, having last reported that Red Army (RA) had qualified for the Fortnight Speed Vote-chess League's Play-off round, I took the opportunity of this weekend's hectic final round of games to peek in at some of the other participating team matches; with full knowledge that any of these teams could be RA's next protagonist.

I suppose that one or more of you people reading this could 'propagandize' this act as covert research or, heaven forebid, SPYING. To counter any such perception this interest of mine, and observations, are being recorded to benefit all for prosperity; pro bono.

First observed was the clinical match Fast Players Group (FPG) white v. Rapid Chess (RC) black. Next we peeked-in on the violent match between Supertroopers (ST) white v. The Power of Chess (TPOC) black. Both games ending in resignations, co-incidentally, with white wins, but in different fashion.

FPG played self assuredly from their opening e4, to which RC replied the much vaulted c5 Sicillian. White utilized a counter-attacking style from as early as 4. c3     daring RC to capture 4. ...Nxe4.

By the by it was to another poisoned offer, this time a juicily dangled rook that RC simply could not resist, that sealed the game.

27. Qd5 Qxa7?   28. Qxf7+ black's King was forced to capitulate in short order, 30th move, under pressure from coordinated knight attacks with the white Queen in support and the only active RC piece, their bishop, inadequate to forestall the inevitable even though they were a diseased Rook up.

Congrats to the intrepid Fast Players Group captained in this match by 'mthinker'; we'll see you in the FSVL play-offs.

Next match  peeked at was Supertroopers (ST) white v. The Power of Chess (TPOC) black, where both teams played a cavalierly blitz-like Scotch opening.  At the 6th move after the exchange of knights typical in the Scotch, white played e5 and black,  with the playable 6. ...Qe7   This initiated the line of topsy-turvy maneuvers with first one then the other team ascendant.

TPOC cunningly 'gambited' a bishop at 12. ...Bxf2+ going up the exchange rook, with a pawn bonus, for bishop and demolished white castle position in the process in what looked to be a game changing combination; a tactic not unheard of that takes some skill to consolidate.

Having played aggressively  thus far to achieve their promising position TPOC's sudden 14. ...Ne7 retreat left their queen stranded and resulted in them having to bail out of the attack giving back the rook for free. This turned out to be the game's true turning point as black seemed discombobulated after, and left their Ba6 hanging with feeble efforts to compromise White's uncastled King.

ST, ably captained by 'Twomove', were the better coordinated team  in the match and were never again really tested; we will be seeing them in the play-offs as well and expect them to be formidable.

Pssst! listen closely, that's a wrap... or whatever they say in espionage agencies.