Knights or Bishops

Jan 6, 2011, 4:39 PM |

Have you ever wondered what is better, a bishop or knight? What do you like better? They are so different, how do you tell when to exchange and when not to? In this blog you can add your comment showing why you like one and put a board set-up I may put your position and comment in my blog.

In this position I believe that the bishops are worth more because the game is open and they have plenty of space, where as knights are slower and dont need agility (knight power) but speed (bishop power).










But here a closed game is the place that knights are able to go over and around other pieces.












In this diagram black enjoys a clear advantage because his bishop is situated on the fine h8-a1 diagonal, while they opposing knight doesn't have access to any advanced squares.The bishop is therefore superior to the knight.








In this position only two changes have been made in the black camp but now the white knight is better as the bishop is blocked by it's own pawns and the white can play Nb4 to d5 sinking his knight in a post.





In this sequence the bishop can move quickly to given points useful for the endgame.