Lucena's Position

Nov 24, 2011, 6:17 PM |

Today we are going to look at a famous endgame known as Lucena's position. Lucena(a Spanish master in the middle ages) became famous for finding the win in a seamingly unbeatable position.

Now that we have seen how to win, we will look at drawn positions.

Now we see that white can draw in that position because of perpetual checks, that is black can't get out of check. But white can also fail immediatly if he plays wrong, lets take a look at it.

It shows that if white does not stay on the second rank then he loses, but there is another way to go wrong...
The only way to draw it that position is to play 1.Kb2 which stays on the 2nd rank and also avoids the rook skewer........................................To be continued