[video] The World's Most Famous Chess Combinations #6: Bogoljubow v. Aljechin

[video] The World's Most Famous Chess Combinations #6: Bogoljubow v. Aljechin

Nov 6, 2014, 9:41 AM |

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Bogoljubov - Alekhine, Hastings 1922, is a famous chess game that was played in the 10th and final round of the Tournament of Hastings on 21 September 1922 by Alexander Alekhine with the black pieces against Efim Bogolyubov (White). Alekhine won the tournament with 7.5 points, half a point ahead of Akiba Rubinstein. For Alekhine the tournament victory was important because he was trying at this time to distinguish himself by good results as a challenger to the world chess champion José Raúl Capablanca.

In 1926 Savielly Tartakower called this game the most beautiful one in recent time (...), the great sacrificial beauty is complemented by deep, full board self-revealing strategy. The American chess writer Irving Chernev wrote in 1968: This brilliant performance by Alekhine is the greatest masterpiece ever created on the chessboard. Even later world champions gave up highly on the game: For Vasily Smyslov it was a triumph of mind over matter, Garry Kasparov compared the game with a magnificent painting.

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