1:00 AM - Chess O'Clock!

1:00 AM - Chess O'Clock!

Jun 24, 2011, 10:30 PM |

Click on that song below so it plays as you read this for the full effect..

Do it now.


-Youtube sucks and the video stopped working. Just imagine a shitty techno song droning on.


I am just unstoppable after mignight! I get into chess mode and have to drag myself away from it around this time. Like a junky! I swear! Here I am writing a blog on chess.com at 1AM for example. I don't write blogs, I sleep. I should be doing some serious sleeping right now.

This song is somewhat related, mostly the title. It's horrible. It's gonna loop and loop and loop and you'll just sit there groovin' on it when you're done reading. Maybe.

I made all my moves. All my tactics moves (contemplating spending the 30 bucks a year to get 10/day(ripoff)). Went over some games and made a couple of conditional moves (love those). Even looked at my friends games with each other and the games they're playing against random people and the random peoples games to see if they're any good. Grandmaster games on the game explorer. Check out some crazy openings if I get real bored. I got a problem. Must be something in this Nashua water...

Looks like I wrote this at 10pm.. Stupid chess.com, in their "pacific time zone." scoff

Anyway, don't let me catch you on a late night out here, hold your move til the morning, after your coffee.

ahwoo ahwooooooooo