Other Things I Have Learned Playing Chess

May 21, 2011, 4:27 AM |


25 views in the first 12 hours, not bad? I believe so. i hope you found my post helpful, or if not at least of interest. 

I have learned even more today so here goes:

1. Although it may seem the most logical risk free option, directly defending any early attack with pawns is not always the best.

2. I must make better use of knights and bishops by ensuring they are in a more central position, to allow for more board coverage and attack/defense options.  I.E: A bishop in one of the four centre sqaures covers 15 spaces, including the one it is placed on. A knight in one of those positions can move any of 8 ways. 

3. The use of forks and skewers are essential to capture of vital enemy pieces.  

I hope you enjoyed this and will continue reading.

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