Terrible Analysis!

Apr 8, 2009, 5:46 AM |

Holy smokes!  I used this game for the chess.com analysis engine & it took a while but the game finished & I got notification.  When I went to the page with my analyzed game, there was an ad covering the board!

an ad covering the board




I know - if I pay, then there are no ads, right?  Then it disappeared or reduced its size to where I could see that part of the board again.  It must've been maybe 10 minutes or so it seemed.

Anyway, once that disappeared & I went thru the game, there were lots of questionable analysis.  One Example:  Its 2nd recommendation line was the actual move that was played in the game!

But this one takes the cake -

Suicide Chess


In this position, the computer recommends the black queen to take the pawn on d3 & letting white checkmate him.  Yes, that's suicide despite having a won position!  You'll have a hard time convincing me that Black is not winning here.  If Black does take d3, then the game is over because white's gonna plant his queen on g7 & that's checkmate.  Why not Qf7 for black?  Better yet - ...QxQ, RxQ ...Rc6 for black?  Both of those deny the mate threat & it's just a matter of technique for black.

Granted, it's set up at an expert level (2000 rating) analysis but there must've been quite a demand on the server's CPU because it basically laid an egg on this one.  I'm not sure what you'd call it - maybe < 1500 strength stuck in "Blunder Mode"?

I guess it'd be a decent feature for those who pay (getting a stronger engine for analysis) and those that don't utilize the services of Fritz or Chessbase.