Beginner? Novice? That's ok!

Jan 26, 2010, 1:14 PM |

We all started out at move 1 in our progression of learning the game of chess.  Some of us learned the game quickly, some not so much. Regardless of which of these categories you might fit in, there are some basic ideas that, as a beginner, could help you in improving your game.

Tip 1: Start slow -

You're new to the game, make each move with some caution and thought put into it. This is for tip 2 -

Tip 2: Look for free pieces -

A "free" piece is one that isn't being guarded. Here's a simple practice diagram (more provided in the future):

Do you see the unguarded piece? Hopefully you'll notice it. If you don't that's ok, all things take practice. The answer to it is the Knight, which White did take during the actual game. How long did it take you to figure it out? Short? A long time? How about noticing a piece that YOU (as White) left unguarded? Take a second to look. You should get the Knight on c3 for your answer.




Tip 3: Look Ahead -

Even thinking only one move ahead is better than playing strictly in the moment. Luckily, this can be easy!

For this puzzle, you start with an unguarded piece. Fix the problem and look for any unguarded pieces of Black's!

This puzzle isn't the most difficult, but merely to introduce and reinforce the idea of looking a bit ahead while always keeping an open eye out for unguarded pieces on BOTH sides of the chess board. :)





Those are about the basic basics of the game, right after learning how pieces move. Learning comes with time. Don't make it a struggle! Smile

If you're already aware and are using those tips already, but still disappointed or aggrevated with your rating. Feel free to message me and I'd be more than happy in playing a couple of unrated games.

Best of luck to us all!