King's Pawn vs. Sicilian Part I

Jan 16, 2010, 5:54 PM |

I hope to create multiple parts/variations that will offer different possibilities against the Sicilian defense simply because so often I have found the move to be quite irritating. Hence, this blog post is made. :)


So looking at Queen possibility tosses the game into a potential risk, but no one ever said this was the best or only option that White has. :) Let's try another possibility...


So this possibility seems to be in more favor than the prior one. Though we should always keep in mind of looking for new ways and ideas that others (like maybe me with the above games) overlooked.

Try 'em out yourself, see how they work out for you. If you like it, it worked out for you come back on the blog and say so.

Much like my other blog "My Own Setup (W1)" I believe I made this variation, so if I am wrong, please correct me. Other than that, spread the learning, tell 'em to take a look here. :)

Part II in the future, what'll happen in that? (Hint: I have no friggen clue.)