King's Pawn vs. Sicilian Part II

Jan 17, 2010, 7:29 PM |


As should be clear by now, I want to produce alternatives to the standard variations found in the book openings. This serves mainly 2 purposes: 1) Those with a strong tactical process can figure out various positional advantages after such methods/plays have been executed in their games; 2) Those without strong tactics can rely on these possibilities to assist in throwing off their enemies standard approaches while still having some knowledge as to how to go about playing on.

At the bottom is a game I had which shows the bishop opening, going into detail of everything of my own personal reasoning for the moves I chose. Worth a look (at least I hope so).


Last blog I went about and showed some alternatives against the Sicilian when their move was to reinforce the c5 pawn. However, as we know, there are a variety of Sicilian variations. Let us take at another look another possibility with Sicilian so we could try to break it down. :)



So we can see here that by the end of THIS possibility that White sits much better positionally and tactically than his opponent. At the end of this sequence White has a dominating presence in the center while Black ends up with 2 pawns, 1 of which is unprotected. Castling-wise, White can choose to at his leisure, Black still has his pieces crammed in and undeveloped.

(Take note that the same could be said for White's Queen side, yet again, White can castle, Black won't be able to for a good while, if at all.)

So that worked out well, but who says we have to stop there. :)


So this move clearly possesses more risk, which for some people with an aggressive style might find worthwhile. Take into account Black's possibility of moving his King's rather than Queen's leads into some choices that White gets to decide:

1) Stepping back - yet again, this move clearly showed an aggressive stance in the first place, if done why not go through with it all the way right? :) We should keep in mind that if we are playing a strong/high-rating player (than ourselves) that continuing in being aggressive would end up hindering us. Stepping back might then be the wise course.

2) Full out attack - Now most, and probably a numerous amount of better players won't find this too great. It's definitely White's choice though: "Would you be willing to sacrifice a piece to prevent Black's king to castle?" Keep in mind it seems that both players lose their Queens.

So when could this possibly be useful? Well it's a full attack, so as could be assumed, you got to have guts to go through with this if they DO decide to push up their King's pawn. Think you can out-analyze your enemy from this position? Well you could try in making such an assumption based on rating, but again, this seems like quite a gamble.

This part has hopefully given you some of your own ideas and theories as to what you might do in case Black open's up Sicilian style and tries out the 3rd most common method of play: e6.

Test 'em out or don't, mix it up a bit, (at least for me) just do whatever it is that makes it fun. :)

Hopefully this will give you ideas of your own as to how to handle various situations.

As before, death to the Sicilian and long live the King's Pawn! :)