King's Pawn vs. Sicilian Part III

Jan 23, 2010, 1:04 AM |


Alright, you probably weren't really "looking forward" to the next edition, but I sure as h*ll was. Why? I got a personal gambit of my own, not in any of the mainline (or probably even "offline") gameplays!

Why isn't it? I don't know, but hopefully I got you curious enough now to introduce you to my gambit. It applies specifically to/against the Sicilian Defense: Accelerated Dragon variation.

What is it? How does the gambit work? Well let me introduce you to it:

Redline's Gambit (uncreative, lazy, changing it? maybe, but for now it's good enough)




What just happened, right? Depending on your own chess insight capabilities you can tell what's happened, but I'll tell everyone simply because I'm so proud of this discovery.

White has commanded 99% complete, again, 99% complete control of the game and how it plays out. How? Although it may not seem like it at the moment, White has just unleashed such great preparation of an attack that Black will be busy playing heavy defense. Now, an important note to this:

My gambit here has only been evaluated by (guess who) me, a person with a rating of about 1400. As such, I am looking for further people to take a look at what I miss, not EVERY variation of what it unleashes, but of what capabilities it possesses that I have missed. It will play out extremely difficult for Black to play against, though is possible (says someone at a 1400 rating). As I am clearly no master of chess, there may, and most likely are, things that I am unaware of towards its capabilities. Once again, I reiterate, if you see any further possibilities of what it can do, please comment back with it. I have strong hope in this gambit.

Well, shall we begin on looking its onslaught?


Poor Black, but hey, that's what they get for going Sicilian. Still who says they would move their Queen? That's ok, I got some other preparations for other possibilities...shall we? :)


Alright, well that is all for now. Any questions? Think Black might try other moves? Don't worry, I've gone through more of the possibilities/variations and will be getting to putting them up in the future, including if they choose NOT to retreat the Knight (the variations are shorter, but still potent).

If you aren't understanding what's happening about the "controlling" of the play, simply put, White is attacking so swiftly on both Black's Queen and King that they have no other choice but to focus on defending and struggling to escape this torturous little gambit of mine.


Redline's Gambit (more variations/possibilities will be put up in the future)

Enjoy. :)


Thank you for all comments made. Below is a game I played as experimental who played with a different sicilian variation, and still chose to go through with the gambit.


From the game, I feel that my King stood in a much better position throughout the game in comparison to Black's. Entering midgame, my pieces seemed coordinated than Black's (again opinion), but game out losing through good play by Black, and possibly (scratch that, likely) poor choices by White/me.

Looks like this gambit still has some hope left in it!! Laughing


GAME #2:

This was another game in which, althought wasn't a Sicilian Defense, a similar situation arised in which I tried to rush the fork between Rook/King (part of the intent behind my gambit). Although showing a loss, felt quite like a win for both me and Mr. Nb5 Smile


If Dovy wants to add his own commentary to get Black's viewpoint of that game, I think that would be a great addition and help not only for my little gambit (in progress) here, but just to get a look at both sides of the game!
GAME #3:
It's developing!! Just a matter of time before all the kinks can get worked out! Hope as strong as ever. ^_^