My Best

Jan 21, 2010, 5:09 AM |

My "Hall of Fame" creditors who I acknowledge have given me a good run for my money.

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You know what I figured? I'm proud of some of my games. D*mn proud. I may not be the highest rated, I may not be the best blitz player around, but every once in awhile we play a game that we can't help but say, "I did a good job."

Well that's what this is for me.

Do or say whatever you want, but I want to be able to look back and boost my self esteem.

So to start it off, my personally toughest but proudest loss:

(I hope to provide commentary in all of my games in the future)


Here is another loss that I am proud of because of 1 move. Take a look:
Two games seems to be enough for me to actually put a winning game in here. :)
I still feel happy when people don't take the d4 pawn. I believe that so far I've only lost 1 game to it. Soooo, guessing, maybe about a 90% win percentage when it happens?
This game should teach all players a good lesson: Be careful which side you castle on!!!