The Opening's Creed

Feb 22, 2010, 11:58 PM |

When sitting on the John, as where most amazing discoveries are made, I realized something about my chess no less! (yes it rhymes)

What I realized is has stemmed from me playing the Hippo Defense for at least a month now.  I started with the basic opening moves, but quickly saw the strength the setup had on the e5 square, thus choosing to jump quickly into pushing there.  Some wins, some losses, all natural in the game of chess.

As a losing streak started to develop, I went back to youtube to re-review the Hippo again.  From it, I had realized my opening moves were in a different order, obtaining different responses from the opponent. From here, I began truly playing it, and properly.

I can go a bit into the in's and out's of the Hippo, and I might here, but the point about this specific defense, it is about all of them...Ahem,! As I began to play it properly, I started to gain more wins from it, but still got some losses.

Going back and reviewing my losing games, I found an interesting note about it. When I chose to make the attacking move, or chose to attack when not completely setup into the FULL defense, losses were caused.

From this, I have come to a belief:

All opening's have a creed in which you must learn and obey.

The Hungry Hippo God of chess didn't send his blessings down upon my games unless I chose to obey his creed: Always completely set up your defense before attacking theirs.

This recurring theme displayed in enough of my games where I am holding a stronger 1600 rating now than I used to, and partially because of this.

I do not know other Defenses, yet to all I suggest, find out what your opening is telling you to do and follow its orders. It means well for those who listen, and will punish those for those who don't!

The Hungy Hippo God