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Abort Live Games

May 19, 2013, 2:18 PM 3

Recently, I have been receiving alerts that I will be suspended or banned for aborting games ... when the games have NOT EVEN STARTED!  Sometimes I have waited for a couple of minutes for my opponent to move and they haven't, so I abort the game.  We're here to play chess right?  Not sit in some waiting room twiddling our thumbs!  Since joining in 2009 I have learned that sometimes an opponent is not always present.  Sure they sent out a search but either they're hitting the john, paying the pizza guy, surfing on another tab, surfing cable, or who knows ... either way they're not moving!  Granted there may be a player who is seriously contemplating their masterful GM opening on a standard game but I have no way of telling that.  Sure, I've typed in a Hello? but there isn't always a response.  For years I have been counting to 30 seconds which seems like an ample amount of time to make a first move.  You move. great, I move and it's game on!  You don't move: sayonara!  Chess.com I love ya but on this should change.  What do you think?

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