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Jul 5, 2009, 12:23 AM 3

I'm tired of playing conservative games so I've been studying the move Bxe7 against several different openings, this is one of them.   My opponent used his pawns well to stop my advancement, or rather to make advancing more painful, but I viewed it as a challenge and made the move anyway.  Suicidal?  Well, every time I've played Bxe7 I've won.  Weak players?  I don't think so, by that rationale I'm just as weak. more so since I sacrifice so much at the beginning.  Bxe7 really throws black off by taking castling away before black can develop and black has to scramble  FAST.  My opponent played solid but the pressure caused black to make a major blunder.  Props to my opponent for respecting the game and staying in there.  I'm sure black was waiting for checkmate by slamming its last rook on my home rank with my king trapped under its' pawns but that was never going to happen.  Constructive criticism is appreciated.  Douchebag comments ... are well, left by douchebags.  So don't be one.  ;)

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