Chess Annotations

May 7, 2009, 7:19 AM |

I thought it would be a good idea to post a list of all the chess annotations.  In my chess club I started to get lines of attack or defense and have no clue what several of the symbols mean so I looked them up.  I imagine there are others here who would like some clarification.  I found this on a website and have reposted it here for your use.


Symbol Means Also Written As
1 - 0 White Wins
0 - 1 Black Wins
1/2 - 1/2 Draw
+ Check ch.
++ Double Check dbl. ch.
dis. ch. Discovered Check
O-O Castles Kingside
O-O-O Castles Queenside
# Checkmate
! Good Move
!! Very Strong or Brilliant Move
? Mistake
?? Blunder
!? Interesting Move
?! Dubious Move
+- White has a Winning Advantage
White has a Clear Advantage +/-
White has a Slight Advantage +=  or  +/=
= Equal Position
~ Approximately Equal Position
Unclear Position
Black has a Slight Advantage =+  or  =/+
Black has a Clear Advantage -/+
-+ Black has a Winning Advantage
Only Move
Development Advantage
Space Advantage
Zeitnot (Time Trouble)
N Novelty
RR Editorial Annotation
Better is
Worse is
= Equivalent is
With the Idea of
Directed Against
<< Queenside
>> Kingside
e.p. En Passant
OTB Over the Board
CC Correspondence Chess
Ch. Championship
M. Match
OL Olympiad
zt Zonal
izt Inter-zonal
rpd Rapid Play
sim Simultaneous
jr Junior Event