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Chess Withdrawls

Oct 4, 2009, 3:11 PM 2

Down for another 8 hours?!!!!  Even with the constant disconnects that the last version had I was never kept off live.chess for 8+ hours!  I was so hard up to play chess yesterday that I tried it on facebook;  MAN, DID THAT SUCK!  Stupid ads. Timed moves. And a countdown timer that sounds like my fire alarm.  Never again I thought. I know Erik and the staff are busting butt and really trying to iron things out but in the meantime I've lost two days that I've paid for.  Having got that out of my system (I hope) I will say that I was lucky enough to get a couple of games in today and I liked it.  I really liked seeing the pieces that were snagged and the points.  Good job guys.  The layout was awkward and I wish I could make the board bigger like in the last version.  I really hope this is it because I'm willing to pay more elsewhere so that my games aren't deleted (yes, I tried downloading what I could but you can only download 25 at a time) and where I can just play some chess.  At least I've got my online games that I can play.  That's a plus.

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