Stuck in A SpiderWeb

Jun 16, 2009, 1:20 AM |

I'm in a slump and I know why, I'm simply not playing as much chess as I used to.  I have a family and I've been beating the drums looking for work so playing chess like I used to, 3+ hours a day just isn't happening.

In this game I butchered my response to white's opening and created a web which really kept me glued down.  Several times during this game I thought, "Just resign, it's over."  However, at my ranking and level of play which is amateur at best not only me but my opponent can make mistakes so I hung in there and put up as best a game as I could ... and it paid off.  My opponent lost the upper hand and the game ended shortly after.

I've reached 1700 on my Tactics Trainer and I created some strong tactics on the board and posed a lot of questions to white, which white didn't answer correctly.  I have never played a game where I was as cramped as this.  Constructive criticism is appreciated, not douchebag remarks.  Thx.