Hung My Queen ...

Jun 8, 2009, 10:33 AM |
... and no I didn't do it with the Wayward Queen Attack.  ;)  This is my first game today which started friendly enough.  I really enjoy meeting people here because we all love the game of chess.  However, my opponent started to talk trash when I hung my queen and called me, "Ungas," which in Filipino means dumb ass.  What an honor.  I've included our pleasant little conversation below with my thoughts in parenthesises.  For the most part I ignored him and concentrated on kicking his ass.  He concentrated on calling me names.  Not a great strategy.  While I was playing I was thinking about all the games I've had where I've been down in material and comeback and all the games where opponents have lost their queen and quit despite having so many other pieces.  I'm over 200 pts better than this chump so I'm not worried and I had the heat on high.  I'm getting this game analyzed because I know I made more mistakes after the queen.  It's really interesting to note in this game that while my queen was out of the game, his was barely of any use.

dots: hey!

Wesso: hey

dots: hey!  (I already said, "Hey.")

dots: ungas

dots: great move (This is where I hung my queen.)

dots: hahaha ungas

dots: noob

Wesso: distracted, you got lucky (my daughter was hungry, I made a mistake)

dots: hahaha yeah

dots: rm?  (whatever)

dots: hahaha  (keep laughing)

dots: wer u n usa??  (like you care and I really want to talk to you after calling me a dumb ass)

Wesso: your mom's room

dots: yeah  (I guess he knows)

dots: NOOB

dots: hety?  (Hety, hety, sinch sacks.  Wimpy!  Hety!  Wimpy ... I have no clue what he's talking about, I guess he likes Hefty Sinch Sack Trash Bags.   Keep talking instead of focusing on the game.)

dots: Ungas

dots: w0w

Game over - Wesso won by checkmate (+5) - rematch

Wesso: noob (just returning a pleasantry)

dots has offered you a rematch - accept | decline

Wesso: take a hike

dots: hahaha


And now the game.  Smile